In-home family photos

It's that time of year when everyone is getting their family photos taken for holiday cards.  Photographing families is one of my absolute favorite things.  I wanted to write a post about the benefits of in-home family photography.  Photography to me is about capturing something or someone in a way that will perfectly depict who they are in.that.moment.  For me, photography is not about airbrushing or taking photos that will be published on a major blog or magazine.  To me it is about capturing what your life is like & who you are at that time.  If your kid has a huge scrape on his chin because he fell while playing, oh well, you will look back at the photos & remember how he was being a kid, running around, having fun & getting scuffed up.  If your kid is wearing her princess gowns 24/7, 365 days a year when she's 4 years old, let's take some photos of her wearing the princess gown because that is what she was doing, who she was & the phase she was going through at the time ( maybe it lasted a couple years :)  ).  


Many times people hesitate to do photos in home because they think their house isn't "cute" or "big" or it's "messy". Whatever your home looks like, it's your home, it's where you live & grow, it's your comfort zone, & there are no judgements & no criticism.  While the focus of the photos is the people, there are many memories in the backgrounds of photos that are taken in-home.  I read a post from another photographer who also does in-home family photography & she was talking about how one of her client's homes had been in a fire, they lost everything.  The client was so thankful for the photos that they had in that home, for the moments captured of them in their safe place, their fun place, their learning place, their growing place.  Your home is so much a part of who you are as a family, which is why it makes for one of the best places for family photos.  We have some amazing backdrops here in Colorado, no doubt, they do make for beautiful photos,  & I will gladly do outdoor photos!  

Kids. There are many (beautiful) distractions for kids outdoors.  Photos of kids are always a challenge, even when they are old enough to know they are having their photo taken & to smile when you say 'smile'. There is really nothing that compares to the emotions that are captured when kids are in their own homes, & are comfortable & playful.  I always make it a point to get several of the nice, smiling, everyone looking at the camera photos, no matter what,  but the bulk of the photos are of your family just being a family.  Reading on the kitchen floor, jumping on the bed, playing in forts, running through the sprinkler, etc.