Mindy + Kim | Backyard Elopement | Colorado Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

Mindy + Kim met when neither of them were remotely interested or looking for a relationship. Kim lived in Oregon, Mindy lived in Chicago. They were both in Vegas with friends + because of the torrential downpour going on outside, both groups ended up in the hotel club with bottle service (uncharacteristic of either of their tastes).  When your original plans get rained out, you make the best of it. After drinks & flirty ice cube fights between the groups, some friends subtly made sure that they got each other's numbers & they talked pretty much everyday for next few months. It wasn't long before they knew they wanted to be together + they both moved to Denver. A few months before they met in Vegas, Kim was in Chicago & was out for St. Patrick's day at a bar where Mindy had planned to meet friends the same night, but couldn't because she was sick. They truly believe (and I agree!) that if something is supposed to happen it will. 4 years later neither of them would have thought that they'd meet "the one" in a ridiculous club in Vegas. :)